Motorcycle race parts & Race Team

Our race team has been developed over the years to compete at the AFT Twins level.  For the 2018 season the team will have 1 full time rider:

​    Evan Baer, #189

The team uses Kawasaki Motorcycles for 1/2 mile races, aNd KTM 990 Duke Motorcycles for Mile races.  Since 2013 the team has had a great deal of success.   Mid way through 2014 Evan suffered a leg injury which ended his season prematurely.  However Shawn Baer #32 and Jeremy Higgins #82 went on to have success with the KTM's at the Virginia Mega Mile.  The entire team is working very hard to continue improving our equipment and plans are being made for a highly successful 2017 season.  Stay tuned for more race team news as it becomes available.